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180.000 VNĐ360.000 VNĐ

Price: 360.000đ/kg

High quality, premium grain-fed beef, USDA qualified, imported directly from the U.S.


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  • Price: 360.000đ/kg
  • When people think of barbecued beef, they usually think of brisket, because of the way the cut tenderizes in a smoker. The problem with brisket is that one part of it is thick and fatty while another part is thin and lean,so the whole brisket never comes out amazing. The so-called beef short plate can fix that problem.
  • Short Plate is an evenly marbled cut from the front belly of a cow. Typically cut into short ribs, the short plate smokes up beautifully when cooked whole. One hundred percent of it comes out like the best brisket you’ve ever eaten.
  • U.S. Beef short plate tastes best when sliced thin and grilled in Korean BBQ with Kimchi, or just dipped in Japanese hotpot.

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